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As I slowly build this dump of a website into something more presentable, I’ve somehow come across a small wandering thought.

Is it alright that my online strategy include bits that make me sound like the fool I am on the weekends?

It’s a tough thing to balance one’s professional life with one’s personal input, but it just makes me wonder, especially in my present experience of freelance work. I’ve been overwhelmingly lucky to have worked with awesome, forward-thinking people; and I imagine (read: desperately hope) that they enjoy my company as well.

One of the first lessons in promoting yourself was “be professional” or “don’t be a dumbass”, which, granted, is solid advice. But I just wonder if things have changed enough in that injecting more of your personality into your website or portfolio or what have you can actually become a benefit, rather than a disadvantage. Part of getting hired is seeing how well your personalities match, right?

Not to say that you will soon encounter topless photos of my from my last bender (evidence I only wish was true), but more of the natural things you might discover if we were lucky enough to meet or possibly collaborate on a project together. I’ve a bit of the sailor mouth. I’m frighteningly proud of my terrible Filipino accent. I have genuine respect for Hall & Oates. I, um, I have an inexplicable fascination and interest in Demolition Man. I’m the old man in Logan’s Run with all the cats in the library. I say “balls” a lot.

Peter Ustinov as the old man from the library in Logan's Run. This is me.

I’m just beginning to rethink the old structure of an office, and have really started to rebuild the image of a workspace into more of a family setting. All of my work-colleagues are good friends of mine, close to varying degrees. I won’t mind being myself around them, and unfortunately, I’m just kind of a boob sometimes. Should I worry and censor these things about myself as well? Does the monolithic wall of professionalism only apply to specific professions? Am I just being an idiot? Should I stop talking about cats?

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