Relaxy Parts of Work

I feel pretty nerdy saying this, but there are some parts of my job that kind of relaxes me.

It’s a difficult feeling to describe, because I still end up feeling super tired at the end of the night, but at the same time, my brain feels like it’s on fire. In the good way.

Physically, I guess I don’t look that much different from when I am working on front-end markup and figuring out how to do the right query from a database. To me, the latter is totally nerve-wracking and draining in a way that I have to take angry sandwich breaks from time to time.

Don’t get me wrong. I still like it because I like the challenge and problem-solving aspect of it, but I like it in a different way. Front-end stuff… I don’t know. I never realize what time it is unless I actually set an alarm or launch f.lux to tell me it’s dinnertime. Without these signals, I’d probably work well into the night and not even know it’s been two days since.

I’d still be on the same desk, wearing the same power suit (e.g., striped pyjamas with pockets) and drinking the same cup of coffee from my little yellow Bodum mug with a cat on it.

But one makes me nervous and kind of excited, while the other totally pulls me into a comfort zone of goose-down duvet proportions.

There is something really awesome about doing front-end work for me. I love doing markup and working on HTML/CSS. From figuring out how to create a grid structure that works, to slowly nudging numbers on my Chrome Developer panel to make things line up.

It’s like if you hooked up my brains to a visualization machine, it would kind of look like Robin Williams running through that crazy field in What Dreams May Come. Actually I’ve never seen that movie. So I’m hoping it’s a good and happy scene, and nothing like The Cell with Jennifer Lopez.

What Dreams May Come
This is good, right?

I’ve likened it to hairdressing in the past. And I think I get the same feeling as when I move furniture around my apartment to get a new layout. The idea that this whole canvas is so malleable and completely up to my own manipulation is pretty cool. I feel like one of those kids in those Douglas College ads or Vancouver Film School ads, where they do a weird stroke movement and some type of animated shit barfs out of their pens or their fingers.

SUPER LAME TO DESCRIBE IT THIS WAY but sometimes it really does feel like that. And what do I live for but to embarrass my fellow design professionals?

I remember my colleagues at Kaldor blanching whenever I’d mention how much I love Reba. I also based one of our major projects from a scene I remembered from Gilmore Girls. The project worked out well, but nobody really asked me to explain the screen grab of Rory Gilmore looking at her Harvard Wall and holding a Yale shirt. Whatever. I get results.

So anyway, yes. Front end work. I love it. My brain just goes into jelly-mode and I can honestly sit here for five hours working on one page. I feel so comfortable and happy just plugging away when I’m in the thick of things.

Of course there are different facets to anyone’s work which one is bound to love, kind of like, and really hate. And I think a lot of us talk about the bad parts and how we stress out and how busy we are, but I’m trying this thing out where I look into the shit I love instead. And I mean LOVE. Not just shit I kind of enjoy or shit I think I’m pretty good at.

I mean shit I really don’t mind doing even if someone asks me to do it in the middle of the night or shit I will always make time for.

This shit list includes things like re-arranging my furniture to maximize space, capacity and sunlight; spooning with my cat; making roast beef sandwiches; watching Face/Off on Netflix; watching Demolition Man… ANYTIME ANYWHERE; eating sashimi salad and as already established, building and adjusting HTML/CSS files.



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