I am a web & graphic designer based in Vancouver, BC. Most of my work has been building and maintaining websites, which has been a lovely, rather invisible job. I like to do little paintings and drawings on the side.
My cultural background includes a quiet childhood spent in Manila, Philippines, as a third-generation Chinese squirt. I am more fluent in Tagalog than any Chinese linguistic variation, and have long ago stopped trying to hide my accent when I speak in English. I immigrated to Canada as a young adult, and have now spent my not-so-young adult life with my funny husband and funny cat in Vancouver.
I have been an art director, a graphic designer, a web designer, a Wordpress developer, a small-time illustrator, and a general pain in the ass for a few. I was once described as a "talented typographer" in my youth, but that promise quickly faded as the white hairs and wrinkles began to show.
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