Curious Oyster Catering

I was asked by Ellen Lee to lend a hand in building a website she had designed. And as is Ellen’s character, the layout was as lovely and delicate as anything I’d expect from her.

Curious Oyster is a full-service oyster catering company. In other words, they will come to your party and make it 10000x better than you can ever dream of. Also, Richard, the owner, was so fantastically nice and wonderful. It really was a treat to work with both of them.

Curious Oyster is actually a great illustration of my recent thoughts on designing and coding. The experience was very different in what I’ve been accustomed to, and I was more than happy to take part in building it.

Curious Oyster Index

It was an exercise in communication as well, as I had not really worked with anyone outside of the web capacity for a long while. Even at Free Agency, I mainly worked with Tak, who was in charge of the interactive and web components of the projects.


Being used to talking freely about “web stuff” without worry of having to explain myself, I came to realize how much I had assumed in terms of what we both understood from each other.

But Ellen came in from a totally different part of design, one that I really appreciate. It was wonderful to be able to focus on the little details on the “web stuff” because I knew that she would be just as meticulous about the “layout stuff.”

Not to say that I am careless about my work (you jerks), but sometimes when there are too many moving little pieces, it really makes a difference to have someone spot the precarious elements. I was glad that she was able to catch all of those little things such as spacing and typography, and offer some alternatives where the technology came up a little short.


It’s difficult to establish a good partnership in any context, and it’s so important to be able to play to each others’ strengths when it comes down to it.

Here’s an image that I think best represents how we worked together: