When I was in kindergarten at Catholic school in Manila, we had to wear these stupid uniforms. I hated them so much because they were straight jumper skirts with no pleats and didn't leave much room for moving. They only allowed you to stand straight and that was it.

Whenever we were asked to sit down on the floor, there was no way for your knees to cross without the whole thing bunching up around your waist and showing your underwear to everyone.

And forget going on slides in the playground! They bunched up over my knees and butt when I climbed up the ladders, and then went all the way up to my chest as I slid down. You always got to the ground needing to re-arrange your stupid uniform to do anything fun.
My dad used to take me to Ongpin, the Manila Chinatown to visit my grandmother and his siblings and my cousins, and sometimes to run errands for the day. It was a very busy area with lots of history and all sorts of things happening.

My favourite was always to see a kalesa (a Spanish style horse carriage) because they were always painted so colourfully and the horses always made a fun clip-clop-clip-clop sound when they walked.

One time we were waiting to cross the street, and one of them pulled up right beside us to rest. I was so amazed to see the horse up close as it towered over my head.

It was mesmerizing. And then it started to pee, this giant waterfall of yellow that splashed all over the place and bounced off the asphalt street. Being so short, I was about eye level with the horse's private parts. And I got a bit of the shower over my legs. I remember my feet were definitely wet.

My dad didn't notice, though. He was taller than me.
This is a small collection of childhood memories I have put together, after taking the Childhood Illustrated mini-course from The Good Ship Illustration.

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