One of four mock project briefs set by Inkygoodness Collective, as part of their Make Your Mark 10-week programme for artists and illustrators.
This brief asked for an illustrated full colour book cover (front and back) for the home and lifestyle book Gardening for Mind, Body and Soul, plus spot illustrations.
I decided to illustrate the idea of different kinds of gardens: from citrus and veggie gardens, to zen sand-raking gardens, to a lawn of tall grass, to jungle-like collections of potted plants. We all have different ways to nurture ourselves, and these different gardens are reflections of that.
For the spot illustrations, I focused on what work our hands do to maintain and tend to our gardens. Pressing down on the earth, carrying heavy loads to share fruits with others, and feeling the textures and messiness of being actively engaged in gardening. It's not just something we look at from a distance. Our gardens are hard work, and outcomes of what we do with our bodies and hands.
Process sketches
Artwork has not been commissioned and is in no way affiliated with or licensed by the author or publishing company.
Copyright remains with the artist.

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