Ginger is a creative professional you would regret not meeting, whether you’re in the business or not.
Her work never disappoints. Each piece of work is well thought-out with deep research and a profound story. She often brings a refreshing perspective to solve a brief.
She has honed a variety of skills in various creative settings by tackling different areas as a designer, art director, UX designer, and now evolved as an illustrator. With the varied skills to date, her work as an illustrator has a solid foundation and rich understanding of how to accurately approach each brief.
Ginger is a highly collaborative creative professional you would not want to miss having a coffee/tea with. And if the right brief comes along that works with her style of illustration, she will bring it.
Chloe Lan, senior designer at PS&Co
Ginger has the true heart and touch of an artist. I was fortunate enough to see this first-hand when she and I were once colleagues, and to know that Ginger is now taking an even further step into art and illustration is really a logical evolution of her already excellent talents.
Mike Zablocki, account director at thrillworks
(Mike and I worked together way back in 2010!)
When I find success in projects, it is no coincidence that Ginger is a partner in that work. This is the result of a healthy working relationship: We inspire each other, we challenge each other, and we share a commitment to deliver on time. This process continuously improves, because we debrief and apply that knowledge to the next project with a level of honesty and energy all future work requires. If I could only note one remarkable aspect about Ginger, it is that her stellar creativity and skill work in tandem with her innate ability to understand the needs of a project.
Lilli Wessling Hart, former Director of Communications at Cycling '74
Have you ever worked on a 1000+ jigsaw puzzle, or attempted to solve a salacious mystery? While you could choose to do these things on your own, I wouldn't recommend it. Same goes for creative projects in need of artistic direction. Ginger will not only help you complete the bigger picture, but her talent for resolving a problem is unmatched.
I've been fortunate enough to work with her for well over a decade and every year she outdoes herself with her ever evolving artistic technique, creative spirit, and curiosity. There have been numerous occasions where I looked at her illustration and design work and squealed with delight, then gasped with admiration. Ginger also possesses laudable integrity- she never fails to ask relevant questions, and does so with a bright sense of humor that everyone should experience. Not only has collaborating with her been a highlight of my career, I've also made a lifelong friend.
Madalyn Fernandez, former colleague at Cycling '74
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