88 Stitches

I made a logo for one of the Knit City sponsors, 88 Stitches. They had wanted something simple, but not too cheesy, as most knitting-related logos tended to have sheep running around and needles sticking out of things. So the challenge was to get the feel of craft and knitting, without turning to the expected standbys. I think it turned out quite well!

Keep an eye out for them at this year’s Knit City! :)

The best part was when I got this card in the mail from Sue, the shop owner, after we had finished sending her business cards off to print. I actually laughed out loud when I opened the envelope. I love it!

Trung’s Plumbing & Heating

Trung’s Plumbing & Heating does commercial installation and various residential work, like home renovations and repairs. Trung’s helped set up and worked on lots of local places here in Vancouver, such as Las Tortas on Cambie, nail salon Bling on Taylor, the now-gone Brave Bull on Clark, and over 15 Fresh Slice Pizza locations.

I thought about how friendly and fun he is, and how he’s just such a nice guy, there to help. A little silly at times, but always reliable!