My Plans for the New Year

Trung recently asked me what I intended to do in the upcoming year. A few things are already underway, and others I’ve already decided on. But as is the time of reflection and resolutions, I suppose it’s appropriate to make yet another list.

JavaScript—the Reckoning!

I fully intend to create a working app by the end of 2014. Well, really, by mid-2014 would be great.

Getting over humps and bumps of resistance for this will require a lot of patience and discipline, and it’s going to be awesome.

Right now I am thinking of making this knit-centric. Like a simple gauge calculator that I can use to help me make sense of the math for when I want to swap out a different yarn for a specific project. If anything, it will also really help me with my math skills. Because I have none.

Homelifes, Decorating, Furniture

After three and a half years, I suppose it’s time to come clean. I have really come to dislike my furniture.

I’ve inherited most of this furniture from the original owners of my current apartment. And while I’m grateful, I think it’s time to take that step up and finally make decisions based on what I would like, rather than what is convenient.

Last year, I found myself getting rid of my university furniture, shedding off memories of being dumb and young. Well now I’m just dumb, really, but I like to think I was a little bit dumber back then. Items that will ring truth in every young twenty-somethings’ ears: futon, Ikea, cheap computer table, Ikea, folding couch, etc.

Speaking of Ikea, I’ve just traded my last vestige of cheap university life for a more solid structure. Still Ikea, but like, one step up from “that table” that everyone knows:

This year, I’d like to look forward to pieces that have a bit more of a story and effort from me.

I have 2 simple projects lined up:

A wooden bench piece with hairpin legs.

And this bitchin’ daybed that my buddy Ben and I are going to be building together.

The daybed will be more work, obviously, but the possibility of creating a custom piece that I can control sounds so amazing to me. It will come in two pieces that come apart, and we have plans to build it out of pine kill lumber, which I think is a beautiful wood.

More Crafting!

I’ve gone on a full knitting rage these last few months, and I don’t intend to stop there. Fiona and Amanda have totally inspired me to test more waters, and I will be pushing through with more sewing projects as well.

This book will come out of the woodwork (I purchased it a few months ago) and I will be working hard to make some really awesome garments and homewares.


As a side note as well, I’ve made a resolution to stop buying yarn and finish off this giant stash that I have somehow accumulated over the course of a few months. Seriously. My yarn drawer is barfing yarn right now.

I think these three major things will be a great start to the year. I’m looking forward to 2014!


So, New Year’s Resolutions—not to be deterred by the fact that I was ready to call it a night at 7:48pm; and that I wasn’t counting down the last ten seconds of 2011, but wolfing down a bowl of late-night black sesame rice balls in a congee restaurant on Main Street that had no business being open on New Year’s Eve.

The clock struck twelve, and our Chinese server started yelling, “Happy New Year!” clanging beer glasses with chopsticks inside an almost-empty restaurant.

To be honest, I’ve had more exciting evenings.

This year felt a little less fancy for me, really. (See intro above.)  Long gone are the nights of drinking into the wee hours and dancing with lesbians. They are now replaced by hanging out with my cat watching the Diva Network.

Maybe one of my resolutions should be to go drinking more often.

Anyway, why is this taking so long to list down?

  • Drink more water!
  • Eat more greens!
  • Be nicer to people I think are assholes but might really not be.
  • Get some fucking sunlight/exercise once in a while.
  • Learn how to drive (so I can be one of those terrible Asian drivers with N signs).
  • Write more shit, be less afraid of my own thoughts.
  • Keep in touch with people I sort of like hanging out with.
  • Stop talking about my cat. Even though he’s like 100 times more interesting than half of you all.
  • Actually listen to people and not just pretend to do so.
  • Cook at home more often.
  • Read more shit. Like, stuff that isn’t Business Cat. No, wait—! I change my mind!

Will this matter in a few months? Hell if I know. There’s always dozens of items on our lists for Life Improvement, and we’re lucky to cross off a third of that crap each year. Half the garbage on that list has been there since I discovered the mole on the back of my left hand.

To give myself some much needed credit, I’ll throw in some shit I’ve accomplished that might be just as important:

  • Got a new job that makes me really excited. (Is my boss reading this?)
  • Realized that web dev is not so scary. I built a WordPress theme from scratch! I can do anything!
  • Related: found out what a functions.php file in WordPress is for.
  • Spent a month in Korea and did not get plastic surgery.
  • Visited the Kootneys for the first time and attended a beautiful wedding in Fruitvale.
  • Related: realized I really like living in Vancouver.
  • Even managed to make a couple more friends this year. (Hope they are not assholes.)
  • Learned what a goddamn “power play” means in a hockey game.

Happy New Year, guys.