Translink: Transit Pet Peeves Battle

It’s easy to complain about things and make bad comments about common things like transit, and I think this campaign has the right amount of levity to things that are quite important (etiquette!).

This was a super fun project that I have just completed with Mainsocial. I always thought of Translink as this weird faceless entity, but this definitely makes me rethink it.

I like that these points are addressed, and while many are guilty of it, Translink tries to make it more engaging and fun—rather than giving any one specific a wag of the finger.

This was also one of the first projects where I had more of a turn doing code. I really look forward to doing more of this.

Another thing I notice is that when you are given great assets, such as these fab illustrations by Ed Spence, it’s so easy to make work enjoyable.

You can view (and vote!) here.