Hi! I am Ginger Ngo, an artist and illustrator based in Vancouver, British Columbia.
I love working with thoughtful people and creative minds, focusing on picture books and book cover illustration. 💐 I am a proud immigrant with lots of stories to tell.
My work is mainly digital, but always with lots of texture and calligraphic movement. I take inspiration from analog mediums and have an active sketchbook practice.
I was born and raised in the Philippines with Chinese roots. I’m hilarious! I speak two languages! Chinese is not one of them. My grandparents were not impressed by that. You know what? It’s complicated. Let’s have a coffee and I’ll tell you all about it.
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My Favourite Things To Draw

Chubby characters doing funny things
Colourful sweaters, shoes, big hair, and outfits
Landscapes, plants, flowers, and nature
Animals and wildlife
People and things wearing eyeglasses
Messy kitchens and bedrooms
Boxy Volvos
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